Saturday 05 March 2016 at 04:15 am.

!What is the cost of the program?

There is a $75 supplies fee for each participant.
($50 for siblings)

Can we sign up for certain weeks or do we need to commit to the whole series?

Participants are strongly encouraged, but not required to attend all of the SUFI events.
Each session is a self-contained unit regarding an interesting aspect of ISRAEL. 
Many of the programs will be made available online for those who missed a session. 

Is it just like sitting in a class learning about Israel the whole time?

No, not at all.

The evening will be divided up - with short free-flowing segments. Each with a specific purpose or goal.
There will be a welcome time at the start of every session with kosher food (yay!). Then, we will begin with a viewing of that weeks feature video presentation from Jerusalem U. Next, we will split into small groups to reflect (think - peer - share). After which, we move into an activity that explores that evening's topic in unique way. Depending on the topic we will then have a chance to hear from a guest speaker. We will close discussing points of relevance and practical implications.

What are all the kids like? 

SUFI participant are in Grades 8-12th and attend a variety of schools from across the Northshore such as; DHS, HPHS, VHHS, GBN , GBS, Stevenson, BGHS, and RZCJHS.

Each participant wants to learn more about Israel and why it is so important to the Jewish people.

Will there be time to just chill?

There will be a good amount of time spent on developing a sense of community within the cohort.
There will also be optional events outside the program to grow as a group of friends.

What if I just want to check it out?

Please join us for any session to check it out.
We do ask that you sign-up (without making a commitment) to reserve your spot and to make sure you don't miss out on any communications.

What are we actually doing at the first meeting?

So were starting 7:00 sharp and ending 8:30. Which means you can get there 6:50 if you want to relax and get settled.

Then, we're actually opening with a special abridged version (30ish minutes) of Israel Inside.
It's a great way to begin the series - and to open the conversation about Israel and its many "factors".

The program and activity is very unique as it the guided conversations and handouts.

We will also have a roundup of what has been going on recently with regards to Israel around the world and and at home (both Chicago and Israel).

Who is putting all of this amazing educational material together?

All materials are coming to us ready-made from the Jerusalem U - Step Up For Israel team.
In fact, each session is planned to the minute in order to best maximize the short time we have together.

The handouts and guided discussions are all designed specifically for SUFI and the eight sessions.

What if I want to watch them at home with my friends and family?

Each participant will be able to watch the full and abridged versions and interact with other media through the STEP UP website at their leisure.

Are there actually people signed up so far?

Yes, and they would be happy to tell you more about SUFI.
Follow them on Facebook.


Thats great - Never stop asking questions!
You can direct your questions to yehuda@dojsu.org